Equipment for sale

Equipment for sale

San Invest Ltd offers pipe inspection and pipe rehabilitation equipment for sale.
Our equipment is second hand, with no defects!

Equipment list:

1. Pipe inspection robot- Rovion RX 130 IMG_0143


Drive: 6-wheel-drive; both sides can be controlledindpendently from each othe

Equipment:  steerable, backeye camera, electrically
controllable clutch, location transmitter, roll
and pitch sensor, pressure monitoring

Nominal pipe widths: DN 150 up to DN 1000 (with carrier and

Location transmission: 33 kHz / 512 Hz / 640 Hz (frequency
must be determined at purchase)

Pressure tightness: up to max. 1 bar

Optional accessories: auxiliary lights
elevator RED200; carrier RCR1000; wheels;

Power supply: via cable reel  RAX300

Ambient temperature range: 0 °C – 40 °C

Storage temperature range: 0 °C – 40 °C

Material: aluminum anodized

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 310 x 110 x 90 mm

Additional wheels.

Laser measurement option.

Brand: Ipek

Weight: 6 kg

Price: US $39,264.00

More pictures here!


2. Brawo inversion drum Brawo drum DN 800

The BRAWO® Inversion drum has been specially designed to install the liner using air pressure. The high quality inversion drum is made of stainless steel and has many useful features.

The special construction of the drum axle enables hot water curing of the inverted liner whilst maintaining the liner profile to dramatically reduce the curing time of the BRAWO® Epoxy resin.

The optional camera insertion valve also allows the inspection of the inverted liner –under pressure- before and throughout the curing process. To optimize the working time, all exchangeable inversion parts are equipped with Storz – fast release couplings.
The inversion bends, from the nominal diameter DN 50 up to DN 250, and the extension tubes are all supplied as part of the basic equipment.

Price: US $9,500.00


3. Hydrocut 150

IMG_0100It offers a high-power milling performance. For a secure fit in the pipe the robot is equipped with a bracing unit. A CCD swivel camera and a fixed CCD camera with high performance LED lighting provide a good overview of the workplace.

Brand: IBG Hydro-Tech GmbH

Price: US $30,500.00


4. Cable drum 30m (Hydrocut 150) 30m

Hydrocut 150, cable drum 30m

Brand: IBG Hydro-Tech GmbH

Price:US $5,100.00







5.Control box 3000

Control box 3000 (HC 60, 100, 150, 200)Control box 3000 for Hydrocut (60, 100, 150, 200)

Brand: IBG Hydro-Tech GmbH

Price: US $17,380.00






6. Impregnation plant manuel

TableBrand: Brawoliner

Price: US $3,360.00