Sewer repair

Trenchless sewer repair


In regular operation of pipe facilities appears different problems. This may be offset pipe joints, roots, cracks, debris and other defects.
In most cases, the removal of such problems requires significant resources and organization and is associated with destruction of pavements, break ground and underground communications that require additional repair.
Trenchless sewer repairs help to avoid such problems!
Trenchless technology is applied to sewage and water pipes, pipe fittings and other pipe systems.
The method is equally applicable for pipes with already compromised integrity and healthy pipes to extend the safe life.
How CIPP method works:
1. After inspection and assessment of the condition of the pipe, regardless of type and its application, robots clean and prepare the defective sections for rehabilitation .
2. In the pipe, that need rehabilitation is inserted a new pipe in the form of a flexible consistence.

3. The tube is inflated with air under pressure and solidifies.

4. Robots controlled with cameras and sensors the parameters of the whole process!

What is the final result:
The final result is a new pipe with a thinner wall, but healthier, located in the shell of the old.

What are the advantages of the method:
• “Minimum” excavations are required;
• Excavation works  and  restoration of roads and pavements is not required.

• Landscape and building communications are not interrupted;
• Rehabilitation can be performed in a pipes with a diameter of 70 mm to 1000 mm.