CCTV pipe inspection

What do we offer you:

San Invest Ltd. provide closed circuit television inspection (CCTV) for all kind of pipe systems.

CCTV inspection services allow to our operators to inspect pipes and locate the different problems in pipe systems.


What kind of problems can we locate in the pipe system:

  • cracks,
  • fractures,
  • pressure sags,
  • roots,
  • obstructions,
  • other defects that cause blockage, leaks, damage, loss of communication, etc.

Locating the problem :

CCTV pipe inspection is used for easier detecting of the exact location of the problem. Special robot, equipped with high quality video camera, penetrates the pipes, captures the internal environment and sends it in real time to a connected monitor. In this way our specialists can find out, where the faulty section is without digging.


Application of the method:

CCTV inspection services are applicable for monitoring pipes, constructed with various materials, including :

  • concrete,
  • plastic,
  • fiberglass,
  • metal, etc.

Pipe inspection Crawler


With the help of highly sensitive cameras and robots, we establish the reason for the numerous problems in the pipe systems. Our equipment allowed us, to inspect pipes with different diameters from 150 mm to 2000 mm.

Sewer inspection


Once we complete the video diagnostics, you will receive video recording on a hard carrier where you will see the condition of the pipe.


You can watch our Pipe Inspection Presentation video: