CCTV Pipe Inspection – Method applicability

Video surveillance is a method widely used for almost all types of pipes. Our robots and cameras can penetrate pipes with different diameter and can inspect pipes with different smoothness, from stoneware or cement pipes to smooth drinking water pipes or ducts.



The main systems to which the method is applied and is most efficient:
Sewage systems – with the help of our technique you can understand what are the problems in your sewer without digging. This will save you time and money, since subsequent repairs you will only repair the problem area and not the entire pipe;
Air and aspiration systems – our robots are with different sizes and may revise spaces of different size. Often for duct repair is necessary to break down walls and facades. If you have previously inspected its condition, you will know exactly where the problem is. We can perform surveillance of both horizontal and vertical routes;
Pipes in which cables and underground communications are running through – thanks to our high equipment, the cameras can perform inspection, despite the presence of cables and other obstacles;
Oil Pipeline – the method is applicable for the inspection of pipelines with target of locating and eliminating various problems;
Inspection of installation works – the cameras can carry out an inspection of the installation work – welding, soldering, and other compounds.

Some pipelines and sewage systems cannot be repaired without taking the CCTV pipe inspection. These are pipes placed within large and busy roads or places where digging is difficult, in practice impossible.
With the CCTV pipe inspection method, the causes of frequent accidents can be localized, which allows a lasting solution.
The process of CCTV pipe inspection gives a real picture of the internal state of the pipeline system. Thus detect cracks and weak links, which later may cause serious damage.