Pipe Cleaning Services

Company “San Invest” Ltd. offers recovery services conductivity of industrial, sewer and drain pipes.

We offer:

Removal of local pollution and obstacles;
Preparation of recommendations for the operation of the sewer and the frequency of cleaning it.



We use the hydrodynamic method for pipe cleaning.

The method is especially effective for cleaning sewers, culverts and drainage systems as well as industrial and public pipes, with diameter from 50 mm to 2000 mm.
The principle of hydrodynamic cleaning of pipe lies in the removal of dirt from the inner walls of the pipe with a powerful stream of water. Pump delivers high pressure water – usually up to 300 atmospheres. This allows the water that comes out of the nozzle to “destroy” and washed even the most stubborn deposits on the walls of the pipe without damaging it.
Depending on the type of nozzle technology enables not only the cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe, but also a destruction of the obstacles with high density.
In the process of cleaning the pipes thoroughly cleans the inside of densely adherent fatty deposits, textile materials, sand, gravel, clay and silt.

Depending on the type of the nozzle, the technology allows to clean not only the inner wall of the pipe, but also to bore and destroy the obstructions with high level of density. Practically, the process of pipe cleaning thoroughly rids the pipes from densely tightened butyric deposits, textile materials, sand, gravel, clay and slime.

Indisputable advantages of the method:

High quality pipe cleaning;
Cleaning of the pipe along its length and diameter;
The procedure is risk-free for the integrity of the pipe;
Relatively inexpensive method helps overtaking expensive repairs to the pipeline;
Allows you to significantly increase the service life of the pipe.