Company “San Invest ” Ltd. provides CCTV pipe inspection and rehabilitation services in the region of South Europe  and  the Middle East . We  have  well qualified  staff  and equipment , which we can move at every point of the quoted region in a very short time. Company “San Invest” Ltd works with some of the best producers of technique used for trenchless pipeline repair and video diagnosis .


Company “San Invest” Ltd. offers:

In regular operation of pipe facilities appear different problems. It is difficult to proceed to their elimination, without determining the exact cause. This may be offset pipe joints, roots, cracks, debris and other defects that cause blockage, leakage and loss of communication.

With our robots and cameras you can see inside the pipes. Our equipment allows us to inspect pipes with different diameter – from 150 mm to 2000 mm.

Based on our long experience, after check and assess of the pipe condition, we can offer you the solution to your problems.


Trenchless technology is applicable for maintenance of sewer and water pipes, ducts, conduits, pipes, cables and other pipe systems.

In the pipe, that need rehabilitation is inserted a new pipe in the form of a flexible consistence, and then is inflated with air under pressure and solidifies.

The end result is a new, thinner, chemical resistant, but also more rigid pipe inserted into the old one.

With trenchless sewer repair we can fix collapsed pipes, leaks, restore structural strength and extend the life of the pipe.

Before Repair- After Repair


 Pipe Inspection and Trenchless sewer repair Presentation: